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After over twenty years as a lawyer, working for others, I have decided it is time to practice law as my clients wish, not as my employers require. I am a lifelong Southern Illinois resident with a broad range of experience beyond my concentrations in DUI and Bankruptcy.

You are welcome to visit me any time for a free consultation in any area of law you wish. I consider it my most important function as an attorney to help my clients understand as much of the law affecting their legal problem as they wish, and to offer them the choice to be a partner in their representation. Some other clients just say, “fix this mess, and tell me what to do.” No matter how you want your case handled you will never find a more honest, patient, and thorough lawyer to help you.

I conduct a one lawyer practice – no paralegals or assistants to pass your case off to – I will personally represent you, and return all your calls.
– Larry Lauterjung

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DUI – “Larry took over my DUI representation at a very difficult time in my life. I needed to check into residential alcohol treatment. He told me not to worry about the DUI, that it was his responsibility, and mine was to be successful in treatment. Before I even left treatment he got rid of my suspension, and saved me thousands of dollars. He was always there when I needed him, he was patient, very respectful, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I cannot begin to express my respect and gratitude for all Larry has done for me and my family.”

Out-of-State DUI –“I was an out-of state driver, who had just visited a winery, and had a .09 blood alcohol level when a cop stopped me for a DUI. Larry filed papers, and convinced the State’s Attorney to eliminate my suspension. He arranged it so I had only one court date, no trial, and I can again drive in my home state, Illinois, or any other state. Having Larry’s help made the entire process less stressful.”

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