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About Larry Lauterjung

  • Lives in rural West Frankfort.
  • Married to a Texan wife who brought to our home four horses, three cats and a dog.
  • Studied sociology and political science in college, and two years of political theory in graduate school -- all at SIU-C.
  • Grew up in Chester, IL (“The Home of Popeye”), and a Southern Illinois resident all my life.
  • Former bricklayer, underground miner, security guard, chamber of commerce executive.
  • A Christian who never makes it to church as much as I should.
  • Graduate of SIU School of Law.


  • Lawyer for over twenty years
  • Courtroom attorney for two of Southern Illinois’ largest bankruptcy firms.
  • Author of the “DUI Guide for Illinois Drivers.”
  • Author of the "Guide to Illinois Small Claims Courts," "DUI Guide for Illinois Drivers," "DUI Law for Drivers" and primary contributor to "You're Arrested, What the Family Needs to Know" which is available HERE
  • Founding Member of ISBA Traffic Laws and Courts Section Council.
  • Contributor of numerous articles to the Traffic Laws and Section Council Newsletter, and speaker at several conferences of DUI lawyers.
  • Public Defender for ten years in Jackson and Williamson Counties, handling traffic, misdemeanor, juvenile, paternity, and felony cases.
  • Assistant to two chief judges managing the probation offices in Southern Illinois with a $2 million dollar yearly budget.
  • Appellate Prosecutor filing appellate briefs full time for Southern Illinois States’ Attorneys.
  • Former Village Attorney for White Ash, Illinois.
  • Former political consultant and precinct committeeman.
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