If you want to keep trespassers off your land, there is now a way to warn them without spending money on pre-painted signs, or time and money, making your own signs.

The “Purple Paint Law” went into effect in 2011. At that time even using purple paint, you had to display “no trespassing” signs to give trespassers legal notice that they were not welcome on your property. As of 2013, the “no trespassing” signs are not needed – you can provide the same legal notice with purple paint.

Such notice is a relatively easy way to eliminate an unwelcome hunter’s claim that he didn’t know he was trespassing. Landowners or lessees (the person leasing the land) can now ban trespassers with a series of purple marks on trees or posts.

The purple marks must be either:

1) A vertical line of at least 8 inches in length. The bottom of the mark shall be between 3 and 5 feet high off the ground. Each mark shall be no more than 100 feet from another such mark and be readily visible to any person approaching the property; or
2) A post capped or otherwise marked on at least its top 2 inches. The bottom of the cap or mark shall be between 3 feet and 5 feet 6 inches high. Posts so marked shall be no more than 36 feet apart and be readily visible to any person approaching the property. Prior to applying a cap or mark that is visible from both sides of a fence shared by different property owners or lessees, all such owners or lessees must agree to the decision to post their own property.
Trespassing on property so marked constitutes a Class B misdemeanor, except when a person trespasses using a motor vehicle if the marked area is an orchard; an enclosed area containing livestock; a barn or other agricultural building containing livestock; or a field that is used or capable of being used for growing crops. Such trespassing constitutes a Class A misdemeanor.
No landowner or lessee is authorized to post purple marks if doing so would violate any applicable law, rule, ordinance, order, covenant, bylaw, declaration, regulation, restriction, contract, or other instrument.

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