If you have a commercial driver’s license, or someone you care about has one, the driver probably knew about the penalties for DUI as it relates to the CDL at one time. It’s important that all of us understand these laws because we might be in a position to help a CDL holder avoid the loss of his job. That one beer for the road, could cost especially a CDL holder his current job, or his career. In case you never paid attention to these laws, or have forgotten them, here’s a refresher course:

1) The blood or breath alcohol limit (BAC) at which you are presumed to be under the influence if you are driving a commercial vehicle is .04.

2) If you drive a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04 or greater, or if you refuse to take a BAC test, your right to operate a CDL will be suspended for one year.

3) If the holder of a CDL is driving a non-commercial vehicle, and he operates it with a BAC of .08 or greater, or refuses testing, or gets a summary suspension, the CDL is suspended for a year.

4) If the holder of a CDL is convicted of a second DUI, whether driving a
commercial vehicle, or not, his CDL will be revoked for a lifetime.

5) If driving a commercial vehicle, a CDL holder will be suspended for at least
12 months if any amount of cannabis, methamphetamine, or any controlled
substance is found in the driver’s body.

6) For purposes of the CDL law, court supervision for any of the above offenses
is the same as a conviction.

7) For CDL purposes, the refusal to take an alcohol or drug test, is the same as
the failure of the test.

8) A lifetime CDL disqualification cannot be appealed for 10 years.


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