They’ve tried, but the government can’t stop robo-calls (computer calls from unsolicited venders). When the “do not call” list was started, we all expected that the calls would stop, but as we all know, they didn’t. Remember that it’s still legal for non-profit groups and political organizations to call you – they can’t be put on the list
This whole matter has been so frustrating, that the FTC offered a $50,000 reward for someone who could create a method of blocking the calls. There were three winners, one who said his method could stop 95% of such calls.
Phone companies have not been cooperative with blocking these calls. The technology now exists, but few offer it
Consumer Reports (from where most of the information in this article originates) suggests that you DO NOT PRESS 1, as you are asked to do to be taken off the caller’s calling list. If the caller recognizes that you have answered the call, chances are you will be called again.
There are now several devices you can hook up to your phone to stop these calls. See the September 2015 issue of Consumer Reports for a list and evaluations of the top sellers. These devices cost from free, up to $110, and as expected, the $110 one is rated best. A Google search will provide you with these and many other blockers available from many vendors.


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