This question, like most questions in American society has been answered by our government. Based on statistical analysis of census date, the median (average) gross yearly income for families in each state has been determined – and believe it or not, has been increasing for several years.

I will use Illinois as an example. In Illinois, the current median income for a family of one is $49,682; a family of two, $63,820; a family of three, $72,343; a family of four, $86,818, a family of five, $94,918, of six, $103,018; of seven, $11,118, and a family of eight, $19,218. make below these averages and you are relatively poor, and above them, rich.

For example, our Governor reported gross income in 2014 of 58 million dollars – that’s 3017 times the average for his family of eight – upper class.

We all know that these numbers are not always accurate. If you pay your child’s college expenses, have someone in your family with extraordinary medical needs, or have survived a period of unemployment, even the median income is not an indication of being middle class.

A more statistically precise method of determining the boundaries of the classes can be expressed by multiplying the median by .25, subtract that amount from the median, for the dividing line between lower and middle class. Add the amount to the median for the dividing line between middle and upper class. For instance take the IL one family member median income of $49,682, apply the formula for: $0 to $35,011 lower class; $35,011 through $58,352, middle class, and above that, upper class. Take the number of members of your family, choose the correct median, and apply the formula to determine your position.

And as we all know, class is not a matter of income, but income is one way to express it.

These figures are of particular importance should you decide to file bankruptcy, and if you earn above he median income for your state (the amounts are different for all states). Above median usually means Chapter 13, below, usually Chapter 7.


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