Beginning January 1, 2016, several new DUI laws go into effect in the State of Illinois. If you are from another state you can expect similar laws to become active soon in your state. Illinois has been one of the least cooperative of all the states to DUI offenders, so if Illinois decides it’s time to be easier on DUI’s, you can expect your state to do so – and maybe they already have.
The most amazing change in the law is that the driving “death penalty” is ending. Previously if you had four DUI’s in a lifetime, you could never get your license back in this state. It was obvious to us all that these drivers were driving without a license, so the legislature decided to give them a chance to drive legally. Now applicants to the Secretary of State, after five years of no driving, no DUI’s, and after applying for a restricted driving permit, the repeat offender may become eligible for a BAIID (blow into device that records whether the driver had alcohol on his breath) that will permit him to drive legally.

Another change permits the elimination of “dead time.” Presently if you are arrested for a DUI, you cannot drive for a period of time even with a BAIID device. The new law gives these drivers the opportunity to apply for a BAIID device before the beginning of their suspension. Legislators realize that especially in rural areas, stripping drivers of the right to drive, creates a class of criminals who would rather drive to work illegally, than to lose a job. Finally, the government understands that DUI offenders – like all human beings – must feed their families, regardless of the consequences.
After more than 30 years, the General Assembly understands that losing your driver’s license in Chicago, is not the same as losing it in Southern Illinois.


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