For this I will discuss what to do if you are not seriously injured in the accident, and are not whisked away in an ambulance.
If no one is visibly hurt, and both cars can be driven away, drive to the nearest safe parking place, close to the scene of the accident. Take that insurance card from your glove compartment, it should tell you the first things to do.
These instructions beg the question, “Should I call the police?” and the answer is yes!
Use your cell phone to take pictures of your car, the other guy’s car, the scene of the accident (“Alice’s Restaurant” style) and the other guy. Pictures of the actual place of the accident, may show tire skid marks, and may be valuable to you later.
Go home and make notes of everything that was said at the scene that is relevant to determining fault, while the information is fresh in your mind. And also at this time you might choose to call a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents.
If there is any chance you may have been injured, go to the doctor, and do what he says to do. Don’t be a hero and say, “Aw Doc, I’m just fine.” (unless you are sure there was no injury) You may be ruining a lawsuit, and later be surprised when your back starts shooting pain down your legs.
If your car is totaled, the insurance company may offer to give you NADA value for the car. If they include the money they will get for selling it for scrap, and offer you a fair price, you might take the deal. If they do not compensate you for the scrap value of the car, you might decide to keep it, have it towed to a scrap dealer, and make a few hundred dollars.
Should it be totaled, don’t forget to empty the car of your belongings, and don’t forget your license plates.


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