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(Secretary of State Hearings)

If you have read any of the information on this site so far, you know that I have been a public defender, and a bankruptcy attorney. My entire career has been spent helping clients who are having financial problems. I take the responsibility of helping clients of limited means very seriously, and seldom suggest that they are extravagant with their expenditures. There are very few times in your life when you really should hire an attorney. If you have lost your license due to a DUI, (if your license is revoked or suspended, and the court cannot reinstate your driving privileges) you need to hire an attorney to get your license reinstated.

Ask your friends and you may find someone who tried to attend a Secretary of State (SOS) reinstatement hearing (for our area they are held in Mt. Vernon). Most individuals who appear without an attorney DO NOT get their right to drive reinstated. If they are denied, they must wait for months before they can try again, and if you need a license to drive to work, that delay may cost you thousands of dollars, or even your job!

f ever there is a time to "dot your i's and cross your t's" it is when petitioning the SOS for the return of your driving privileges. Remember that there is a burden of proof against you, and the SOS pays the judge and their lawyer to prove and decide that you are not entitled to get your license back. Only by clearly understanding the process, and jumping through all the hoops created by the SOS, can you expect to start driving again. Under all circumstances, once you are revoked, you cannot drive in this state without an SOS hearing.

I have represented numerous clients before the SOS, have an understanding of their expectations, and would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your case.

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