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“Larry took over my DUI representation at a very difficult time in my life. I needed to check into residential alcohol treatment. He told me not to worry about the DUI, that it was his responsibility, and mine was to be successful in treatment. Before I even left treatment he got rid of my suspension, and saved me thousands of dollars. He was always there when I needed him, he was patient, very respectful, and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I cannot begin to express my respect and gratitude for all Larry has done for me and my family.”

Out-of-State DUI
“I was an out-of state driver, who had just visited a winery, and had a .09 blood alcohol level when a cop stopped me for a DUI. Larry filed papers, and convinced the State’s Attorney to eliminate my suspension. He arranged it so I had only one court date, no trial, and I can again drive in my home state, Illinois, or any other state. Having Larry’s help made the entire process less stressful.”

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
“We were very impressed with the service that we received! There was great attention to detail so that things were done right the first time. Full answers were given to our questions, phone calls were returned very quickly and we were always informed as to what was going on. The fees were very reasonable, and the service always very friendly and personable. Our experience surpassed our expectations! We are more than satisfied and recommend Larry highly!”

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
“I was about to lose my home when I went to visit Larry. Bankruptcy can be a complicated process, especially a Chapter 13, but Larry made it easy and painless. He was always available any time I needed him, and he made sure I understood what was going on every step of the way. The Chapter 13 has been going fine, and we got my creditors off my back. The company that had my home loan used to argue with me over what I owed, but now that I have the protection of the Federal Court, they leave me alone. I highly recommend Larry.”

“My experience with Larry as my attorney was great! He was very supportive, helpful and efficient. He made sure that every detail was taken care of and was caring enough to give me advice even after my case was filed and closed. I would, and have, recommended his services to anyone in need of an excellent attorney.”

Unpaid Divorce Property Settlement
“For two years my ex-husband refused to pay me the money he was court-ordered to pay in our divorce. He even filed bankruptcy, and thought he could discharge the debt. I contacted Larry, and without going to court he spoke with my ex-husband, prepared papers for him to sign, and I am now receiving my monthly payments!”

Landlord/Tenant Dispute
“A past landlord refused to return some valuable property left behind after my family moved. We called Larry, and spoke by phone as he drove to St. Louis. He immediately called the landlord, and by the end of the day we had or property back. There was no need for court, and no problems from the landlord.”

Out-of-State Traffic Ticket
“I found Larry to be a “people person.” I am one myself as a Pharmacist and we take care of people first. He is a friendly advocate who handled business in a most professional manner and delivered peace of mind. But most impressive is his follow-through. From the moment I walked into his office I knew a fair and expedient remedy to my situation would be accomplished. He knew what to do how to do it, and then he did just that.”

Child Guardianship
“I really appreciate your willingness to go the extra mile to get the information that was needed for us to be able to get things settled and doing it so quickly. Thank you so much for all you did."

Denied Medical Services, Acquired
“I had serious medical problems and needed surgery, but because of my lack of income, I was unable to get the medical attention several doctors agreed I must have. A friend at church suggested I call Larry. He knew I was unable to pay for his services, but he treated me just like any other client. He spent hours making calls to different medical providers, made arrangements for appointments, and found me the right doctors and programs. I am now scheduled for surgery at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. I want to thank Larry so much for taking so much of his time and putting forth so much effort to help me. It was all very appreciated. He is very diligent at his work, and I believe he will be rewarded for his kind acts.”

“Larry won my DUI without me even having to testify. He filed some motions, we went to court, he questioned the arresting officer, and played the recording of the arrest. The next thing I knew, the charges were dismissed, and my suspension was eliminated."
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