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Why Don't We Like Lawyers?

When I first attended law school, I quit after four weeks – I decided I didn’t want to be one of them. Ten years later, I was old enough to determine that law school would not affect who I was, so I returned to the SIU School of Law. And now, after twenty years of being a lawyer, I have listened closely to the comments of my clients as I worked for my bosses. My paramount concern was the care of my clients, and that they respected my work, and would recommend me to their friends and families. While working for someone else, I couldn’t always handle cases as I wished. I worked for a boss. Now I work for my clients. Following are some of the complaints I have heard from clients over the years, and how those complaints will be resolved in my office:

“Lawyers charge too much.”

I run a bare bones office with minimal expense, so my rates are competitive.

“They talk over my head.”

It is a lawyer’s job to make sure that his client understands her case as well as the lawyer. We will work together on your case as partners.

“They won’t return my calls.”

I return all my clients’ calls personally.

“They talk “lawyer-talk” and half the time I don’t know what they’re talking about.”

I take time to explain all facets of a legal matter. Without your understanding and help, we can’t be partners and acquire the best outcome. You will know as much about your case as I will, and will understand all terminology, alternatives, and options.

“They try to take control and run my case, I feel like a bystander.”

My theory of the practice of law has always been that lawyers are like bookies, or odds makers. When there is a difficult decision to be made in your case, I will explain the probability of success and failure, and the advantages of all alternatives. If you want it, I will give you my opinion, or if you want to decide I will give you all the tools you need to make the best decision.

“They don’t seem like regular people.”

Take a look at my personal tab.

“The last time I hired an attorney, I met one lawyer at the first interview, then after I paid him, I never saw him again. He handed me off to a paralegal, then another lawyer – I don’t know who was really handling my case.”

Mine is a one person office – I do everything!

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