The governor listed them as follows in Executive Order Number 8 of March 17, 2020:

Essential businesses include:
Grocery, medicine, food, beverage, cannabis production, agriculture, shelter sales, kennels and pet adoption centers, food banks, emergency shelters, services for disadvantaged and disabled, media, gas stations, auto repair, banks, lenders, pawnbrokers, credit unions, hardware and building supply stores, building and construction tradesmen, mail, shipping, delivery and pick-up, distant learning through schools, laundry services, restaurants that provide consumption off premises, stores selling supplies for those who work from home, stores selling goods needed to conduct essential business (electronics, firearm and ammunition suppliers, etc.), airlines and taxis (Uber and Lyft), home based care services and residential facilities for those with disabilities, professional services (law, accounting, insurance, real estate, appraisal and title), day care centers with emergency licenses to care for necessary employees, supply chains for any necessary businesses, critical labor union functions, hotels and motels, funeral services.

Did he leave out any? Should some of these have been omitted?


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